Nigerian prophet, Isaac Amata threatens Zambia president after his visa was denied (video)

Nigerian prophet Isaac Amata has threatened the President of Zambia, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, after the Zambian Immigration Department denied him a visa into the country.


Amata told Lungu that as his officials denied him entry into Zambia to visit his church there, God will also deny him at the polls and he won’t win the election, unless he reverses the visa denial.


The visa denial comes three years after Amata, from Delta state, Nigeria, was charged with two counts of drug trafficking in Zambia.


On Jan 24, 2018, Amata was accused of trafficking illicit drugs.


However, by May 2018, a Lusaka magistrate, Brian Simachela acquitted Amata because the prosecution’s evidence was not sufficient to place him on his defence.


Meanwhile, according to Zambia Daily Mail, the Zambian government will take legal action against Amata for the video he shared threatening Zambia and the Zambian President.


Watch Amata make the threat in the video below.




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