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CAN has failed to learn from History. We will see who blinks first – MURIC reacts to hijab crisis in Kwara schools

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has said that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has not learned from history and that it will see who blinks first as it concerns the crisis in Kwara schools over a court ruling approving Muslim female students to wear hijab to school.


Some schools built by churches in the state have rejected the court ruling, insisting that Hijabs will never be allowed in their school.


On Wednesday, March 17, a faceoff between Christain and Muslim parents over the Hijab crisis erupted at the Baptist Secondary School, Surulere in Ilorin, the state capital, leaving three injured as both parties threw stones at each other. Read here.


In a statement released by Ishaq Akintola, director of the Nigerian Islamic human rights group, he accused CAN of instigating a crisis. He wondered why the Christian leaders have refused to comply with the court’s ruling. He called on the state government to hold the leadership of the Christian body in the state responsible if the crisis goes beyond the extent it currently is.


His statement in part reads;


“We are perturbed that people who claim to be civilised are disrespecting the rule of law. CAN is to blame for all these. CAN was the one that called on its members to occupy that school. Fortunately, the ugly scene only played out in one out of ten schools. But it is a big shame that in the 21st century, Kwara CAN is turning its members against democratic norms, against the rule of law.

Both the Ilorin High Court and the Court of Appeal have ruled in favour of hijab. It is, therefore, illegal, illegitimate, unlawful and unconstitutional for CAN to insist that its members should not obey the courts and that the schools should not allow female Muslim students to use the hijab or even enter the school premises. It is the height of lawlessness.

We assert that CAN should be held responsible for whatever happens in those schools. We wonder why the Nigerian civil society is silent over this open rape on the rule of law. Is it because Muslims are at the receiving end? Is it because Christian leadership is the culprit? We reject selective justice. Those who are most vehement when democracy is in jeopardy must also speak up when any principle of democracy is under threat. Refusal to obey a court order is a flagrant confrontation of democracy and a threat to good governance, law and order and peaceful coexistence. Or is CAN above the law?

It is unfortunate that CAN has failed to learn from history. Christian students’ latest order to wear strange garments like church choir and masquerade dresses to school will fail woefully, just as it did in Osun State. For how long can Christian students wear choir dresses to school. We will see who blinks first.

We invite all right-thinking Nigerians to take a critical look at the game playing out in Kwara State. It is a well-known fact in modern society that any group that flouts court pronouncement is inviting chaos. This is precisely what CAN is doing in Kwara State. We, therefore, call on stakeholders to call CAN to order.

MURIC warns the Kwara State Government (KWSG) against compromising its authority over this issue. Any attempt by KWSG to spoon-feed CAN or sweep the Muslim girl-child’s right to wear hijab under the carpet will be resisted by the Muslim community. The law is on our side. On hijab, we stand” his statement reads


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