Don’t give a lady what you cannot afford to lose. Gentlemen don’t take gifts back – Media personality, Freeze writes

Following the recent trend of some men taking back the gifts they give to their lovers after their relationships pack up, OAP Freeze has said that gentlemen do not take back the gifts.


In a post shared on his Instagram page, Freeze opined that men shouldn’t give what they cannot afford to lose. His post reads;

”Dear gentlemen,
Be careful what gifts you give a lady, because gentlemen don’t take gifts back.

Don’t be too whipped! Aways have a clear head.
Don’t be too emotional, try to ‘stand’ in love, don’t fall in love.

Treat your woman with love and respect, but don’t give her what you can’t afford to lose. Give out of love, care and concern, NOT to impress. ~FRZ



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