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Tiv worldwide expresses shock over attack on Gov Ortom

The Tiv Chapter Presidents Worldwide says it received with shock the news of the attack on the convoy of Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State.

The Secretary-General, Tiv Chapter Presidents Worldwide, Shimakyaa Iorkyase, in a statement said it was more disturbing that a group has openly accepted the responsibility of the action.

recall that a Fulani group identified as Fulani Nationality Movement, FUNAM, had claimed responsibility for the attack on Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State.

FUNAM said it planned to kill Ortom on Saturday but its plan suffered a setback due to a slight communication error.

A statement by one Umar Amir Shehu said Ortom stood against open grazing and Fulani interest in the country.

The body condemned the attack aimed at eliminating the only voice in the middle belt in general and Benue State in Particular.

“Gov Ortom has the Democratic and constitutional powers to defend the Benue valley and the citizenry thereof, the statement explained.

It supported the directives by President Buhari that a thorough and transparent investigation be carried out in the case and hopes that it would not end up as one of the several political speeches.

The body said, “We place the international community on notice with what is happening in Benue State.”


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