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Eddie Hearn puts pressure on Tyson Fury with strong message ahead of blockbuster Oleksandr Usyk boxing fight

Eddie Hearn has put pressure on Tyson Fury as the 35-year-old’s blockbuster showdown with Oleksandr Usyk moves closer.

The duo will face each other in the ring on February 17, with fans from all over the world primed to tune in.

Fury has a point to prove having laboured to victory against Francis Ngannou last time out.

And many are tipping Usyk to reign supreme, with the Ukrainian star winning all 21 of his career fights so far.

Hearn represents Anthony Joshua, who still holds out hope of one day potentially facing Fury.

And the boxing promoter has now sent a direct message to the Gypsy King, insisting he must emerge victorious so a battle between Fury and Joshua can finally take place.

“February 17, look, Oleksandr Usyk, I love you, but Tyson Fury, you’ve got to win this fight,” he told TNT Sports.

“We’ve got to make it happen. Good luck to both.

“How exciting is it for boxing that we have this path and this plan for the biggest fights in this division.”

Hearn was speaking after it was confirmed Joshua and Ngannou would fight in March.

And the 44-year-old says he thinks AJ is destined to become undisputed world heavyweight champion.

“I said look, two wins, and you’re undisputed world heavyweight champion,” he said.

“I believe he’s really going to do it.

“I know I’m a fan boy but I believe he’s going to beat Ngannou and I believe he’s going to beat Tyson Fury.”

As for Joshua, the Watford-born boxer thinks he’ll fight Fury one day – saying it’s part of ‘God’s plan’.

“I’m sure Tyson Fury is part of God’s plan in my life,” he told Sky News.

Many big fights are happening in Saudi Arabia these days.

They’re hosting the upcoming bouts involving Fury and Usyk, as well as Joshua and Ngannou, with many fights moving away from the United Kingdom.

AJ is hopeful of fighting in the UK again soon, however, adding: “Maybe the fight after this one.

“We’ll probably make a return to the UK because especially at Riyadh, the season will be done,” he said.

“So yeah, we’ll have a good window where we can get some fights in in the UK, possibly.”

AJ also insists belts still matter in boxing, despite some fans believing the quality of the sport has dipped in recent years.

He admitted: “You will never know what it’s like and what it feels like to be a champion until you become one.

“And for me, belts will always matter because it’s something that you set your goals out to achieve as a little kid.

“And if you’re like a tennis fan, you win a trophy, if you’re a footballer you win a trophy, boxing you win a title, it’s quite similar across all sports it’s like, what’s the prize at the end?

“And I think boxing will always, even though we want to see the fights, the title in boxing will always be prestige.”


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