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Identical Twins Separated At Birth Reunite On TikTok 19 Years After

Identical twins, Amy and Ano, who were separated at birth in Georgia, a country located in Eastern Europe and West Asia, have been reunited after 19 years through a viral TikTok video and a talent show.

The twins became aware of each other’s existence when Amy was watching a TV show, ‘Georgia’s Got Talent’, and stumbled upon a girl dancing who resembled her.

On the other hand, Ano received a TikTok video featuring a woman with blue hair who resembled her.

Ano attempted to trace Amy and after gruelling efforts, she got connected to her long-lost sister on Facebook.

“I have been looking for you for so long!” she messaged. “Me too,” replied Ano.

However, they both did not know they were sisters but the similarities in face, music, dance, art, food and everything became too impossible to ignore. It was also discovered they had the same genetic disease, a bone disorder called dysplasia.

After they met in person for the first time in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, the twins decided to confront their families.

Their families revealed that they had been adopted separately, a few weeks apart in 2002 after their father illegally sold them.

Reportedly, Aza Shoni, the twins’ birth mother, had fallen into a coma due to undisclosed birth complications in 2002.

Gocha Gakharia, her husband, decided to sell the twins to separate families.

The Georgian government reportedly launched an investigation into child trafficking in 2022. It told the BBC it has spoken to more than 40 people but the cases were “very old and historic data has been lost.”


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