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Trump has his best day of 2024

The former president was handed a political gift. An independent special counsel poured kerosene on concerns about Joe Biden’s age with pointed language about the president’s poor memory after concluding Biden had willfully mishandled classified documents – and that his failing memory makes him impossible to convict. Biden was on defense at a hastily called White House news conference. “My memory is fine,” Biden said.

► He is on a glide path to the Republican nomination. Trump romped in the Nevada and US Virgin Island caucuses Thursday night, continuing his unbeaten streak and making Nikki Haley’s campaign feel futile.

► He appears poised for a win at the Supreme Court. Justices expressed deep skepticism that Colorado could declare him an insurrectionist and bar him from their election ballots.

It’s a one-two-three combo that should have Trump feeling solid about his political future, at least for a moment.

“A man too incapable of being held accountable for mishandling classified information is certainly unfit for the Oval Office,” House Republican leaders said in a quickly released joint statement, seizing on the special counsel’s description of Biden in the report.

In a statement, Biden pointed out his cooperation with the special counsel probe and said he was pleased with the outcome, arguing the matter is now closed.

Hardly. Questions about his age already existed and are now sure to grow, especially with Republicans primed to pounce on any misstep or verbal mistake, such as when he mixed up dead European leaders this week.

In stern comments acknowledging the outcry, Biden reprimanded Hur for questioning his memory of his son.


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