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African Games 2023: Nigeria wins six more medals in weightlifting

Nigeria amassed six more medals in the weightlifting event at the ongoing 13th African Games in Accra, Ghana on Wednesday.

The duo of Desmond Akano and Adebayo Adeyemi won six medals, comprising three silver and three bronze.

Competing in the 96kg, Desmond Akano snatched 145kg and recorded 191kg in clean and jerk to have a total of 336kg to win a silver and two bronze Medals.

Adeyemi was rewarded with two silver and bronze medals.

He snatched 151kg, and recorded 190kg in clean and jerk with a total of 241kg.

Their heroic performances scaled Nigeria’s weightlifting medal haul to 26 made up of 15 gold, five silver and six bronze medals.


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