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Tik-Tok is more lucrative than acting – Jackline Mensah

TikTok sensation Jackline Mensah has revealed that TikTok is more lucrative than acting.

Speaking to Afia Owusu on Xzone on TVXYZ, Jackline, who’s now an actress, stated that she hasn’t been in many movies, but currently, TikTok pays more than acting.

“TikTok pays more than acting, that’s what I can say for now because I haven’t worked with many production teams aside from YN Production,” she said.

In 2022, during an interview, Jackline Mensah stated that she earns about $3000 a week from the social media app, which is equivalent to GH₵23,550.00 in Ghana cedis, a significant amount of money. Fellow TikToker Ansantewa, who joined in the interview, also confirmed Jackline’s assertions, saying they do indeed make that much.


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