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Grab your cowboy hat: Beyoncé fans celebrate ‘Cowboy Carter’ with themed listening parties

IRVING, Texas — Beyoncé lovers donned cowboy hats and boots this weekend as they descended upon parties across the country, in dance clubs and bookstores alike, to celebrate Queen Bey’s new album, “Cowboy Carter.”

At a club outside of Dallas, Tamera W. and her friends showed up in large cowboy hats and short shorts, with their hair pulled back or in pigtails. It wasn’t long before their cowboy boots had scuff marks from dancing. While her friends said they hadn’t listened much to country music before “Cowboy Carter,” Tamera said country music is in her roots.
I listen to country because I’m a Texan woman born and raised,” said Tamera, who declined to use her full name to protect her privacy.


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