African Fashion Predictions for 2024

The profile of African fashion keeps rising. At OkayAfrica we are simply excited at the state of African fashion and all that can still be achieved. A new crop of designers are fuelling its renaissance, but they aren’t the only moving parts. A whole other segment of artisans and local craftspeople exist; they are behind some of the stellar products you might have seen on runways or campaigns last season.

We have come a long way from the in-season and ubiquitous wax prints, a fashion trend that will stay forever. We are now at the point where Fashion Weeks on the continent are generating their own trends from the runway. And, in some cases, shaped by trends outside of those arenas. Be it in bold prints and clashing colors, or the tassel-fringed bags that burst out from Lagos Fashion Week two seasons ago.

As with every new year, it’s a new slate to try something new or continue what works. African fashion has been steadily entrenching various themes and ethos into its ecosystem. As such, we spoke to players and experts to tell us where the industry is headed in 2024.
Okorodudu: I think we are entering the maximalist era of African fashion. I see brands and people in general being a bit more ambitious with their fashion choices. I see the return of capris, not just in leggings but in regular trousers. Maxi skirts, co-ords and oversized but structured silhouettes are trends that I see popping up this year.

Short suits, bubble hems and layering of mesh are some fashion choices I expect African brands to tap into. As far as colors go – blues, lavenders, and purples will be pretty common.

Lastly, I see the use of hairstyles more as accessories than simply hair.


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